Dampits protect wood and instruments against cracking, pitch drift and dry weather conditions Dampit is the original instrument humidifier for string instruments
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Dampits are used and endorsed by professional musicians

Testimonials by Professional, World-class Musicians

Gordon Stapes: “I use Dampit to protect my own instrument and I am confident that it helps preserve Stradivarius during Michigan’s dry climate period.“

Theodore Bikel: “Dampit is an excellent device for keeping proper humidity available to instruments…especially useful for musicians who travel from climate to climate.”

Leopold Stokowski: “Ralph Hollander, the violinist, has invented a method for restoring the optimum humidity to string instruments, and to drum heads in dry atmosphere. It is called Dampit, and operates inside where the raw wood or drum head can best absorb the humidity. There is no perceptible loss of sound when the instruments are played with a Dampit inside. On the contrary it returns the instrument to its warmest and best tonal qualities.”

Yehudi Menuhin: “After using the DAMPITS humidifiers for my violins, I can without qualification attest to their effectiveness. Indeed, it is hard to think that string players have gone so long without them, and to imagine how many years they have suffered from ‘tight’ sound and from the ill effects of over-heating and dry winters.” “In Switzerland, where winters are terribly dry, and dangerous to wooden instruments, DAMPIT is the only logical answer to this serious problem…”

Mstislav Rostropovich: “We have a responsibility to care for valuable instruments…For this reason we should make use of an invention (DAMPITS) which serves that purpose.”

Carlos Montoya: “This truly remarkable little gadget (device if you prefer) safely and responsively corrects a real danger to string instruments from dryness. I have tried DAMPITS and I am happy to recommend it.”

Yo-Yo Ma: “In the winter time, hotel rooms are overheated, the air in airplanes is extremely dry and the only way to keep a cello from opening is through the use of the dampit. I use it constantly during those difficult months and think it is one of the most useful inventions for a traveling instrumentalist.”

Ivan Galamian: “The DAMPIT humidifier should become as much a necessity to the violin as resin is to the bow. I heartily recommend this ingenious invention to all strong instrument players.”

Leonard Rose: “This is a marvelous invention…I think anyone who prizes his instrument would immediately avail himself of this protective device.”

Guarneri Quartet: “We have been using the DAMPIT humidifier for many years. It has saved our instruments from damage by keeping them at an even humidity level…We recommend the DAMPIT enthusiastically.”

New York Philharmonic Members
Stanley Drucker (solo clarinet) “I highly recommend the DAMPIT to all clarinetists. The DAMPIT supplies just the amount of moisture needed.”

Manuel Ziegler (solo bassoon) “The DAMPIT is great for keeping my bassoon pads in perfect shape and preventing them from drying out. I use DAMPIT regularly.”

Albert Goitzer (oboe): “To keep my oboe in its best playing condition, I use a DAMPIT in each joint when storing. DAMPIT is a valuable accessory and a fine protection.”

NY City Ballet Orchestra
David Weber (solo clarinet): “I find that during central heating periods and in dry climates the DAMPIT creates and maintains perfect humidity conditions for the clarinet.”

Orman Pratt, distinguished piano technician: “This is to highly recommend your product the DAMPIT for keyboard instruments…I have used and studied the DAMPIT over a period of a few years. Keyboard instruments that formerly evidenced excessive seasonal pitch drift due to the dryness of winter furnace heat, have become remarkably stabilized.”

Fernando F. Sacconi (world famous violin maker) “…this is the first device which has all the necessary requirements for keeping a proper moisture inside the instruments during dry spells. If used regularly it will prevent damage to which all instruments are subject…”

Gary Kerr, bass: ” …Dampits not only helps to prevent bass damage, but seems to maintain from day to day the instrument’s tonal resonance.” “I use all four (DAMPITS) on long flights and they must work because I’ve never had a crack or opening.”

Richard Schneider (outstanding US guitar maker): “I believe the DAMPIT humidifier should be a must for any owner of a hand-made instrument…”

Dampit is the original instrument humidifier for string instruments and has been protecting wood instruments against cracking, pitch drift and dry weather conditions for over 40 years.
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