Dampit is the original instrument humidifier for string and wood instruments Dampits protect your violin, cello, bass or other wood instruments against dry weather conditions
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Dampits are used and endorsed by professional musicians
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David Hollander, Chairman

David HollanderAs Chairman of dampits International Inc. and a touring concert pianist, David Hollander knows the importance of a well cared for instrument. David continues the same commitment to product quality and customer care that dampits has provided worldwide since 1960.

The Hollander name has been synonymous with music for over 100 years, spanning three generations. The same dedication the Hollanders gave to their art, the care and attention they gave their instruments, lead to Ralph Hollander's vision and invention of the dampit.

The Dampit is available for the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, bass, regular guitar, super guitar, clarinet 1st joint (oboe) and clarinet 2nd joint (English horn), alto clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon—wing joint (cello), bassoon—bell joint (bass), harp, piano, harpsichord, oboe, mandolin uke (violin with clip), timpani (if leather covered, use bass).

Tair Hollander, Chief Executive

Tair HollanderTair shares the reins of the fifty-year-old company with her husband, David Hollander.

In the past, Tair served as a registered consultant with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB) and the Agency for International Development (AID) for 10 years. She assisted in the preparations of preliminary information needed for investments in the developing nations of Africa and Latin America. Tair advised on the prevailing political status, financial history and the amount of financing needed for operating results in developing nations. She also recruited private investors to participate in financial joint ventures, identified and promoted new projects with nation-wide economic impact potential. In 1990 she began to serve as an advisor for some of the local governments for these developing nations in the ascertainment and implementation of development capital.


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Dampit is the original instrument humidifier for string instruments and has been protecting wood instruments against cracking, pitch drift and dry weather conditions for over 40 years.
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